PDST Links


Chrome, and Firefox

EDpuzzle site,

EDpuzzle You Tube Tutorial

In the Hall of the Mountain King- on You Tube

Audio Trimmer - Crop mp3 files

Time Stretch Audio Player - Transpose & Change Tempi of mp3 files

You Tube Channel - an example

Online-Converter - Converts Many File Types

Set up a Wiki - get started!

Simple audio converter

Convert audio to video to upload to EDpuzzle
mp3 to mp4 - convert audio to video

Extra Resources

Use Chrome for most of these.

The Music Interactive

Useful: JamaMambo, Rhythmic Dictation, Rhythm Blocks, Staff Wars

Aural Training

Use rhythmic dictation and Notes, Note Ear Training for JCs

Qwerty Drums



Keyboard Game

Rhythm Trainer

Music Resources from Wales